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UX and the Enterprise Desktop - Like Oil and Water

Out of the box Windows is lightning fast and responsive. Enterprise desktops, on the other hand, tend to be slow and bloated. Why is that? Enterprises typically add a plethora of third-party management, security and virtualization components and implement "best practices". Combined, these customizations often bog Windows down and impact user experience. But what is the impact of each change? In this session renowned experts Aaron Parker and Helge Klein “enterprisify” a clean install of Windows, measuring and explaining the impact of each configuration change on the user experience.

In this session you will learn:

- Which configuration changes have the greatest impact on logon duration
- How to build systems that are easy to manage and great to use
- Common mistakes and how to avoid them


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Referent: Helge Klein

Helge KleinHelge Klein (CTP, MVP and vExpert, Splunk Revolution Award 2014) worked as an independent consultant and developer before founding vast limits - the uberAgent company - in 2011.